Monday, February 15, 2016

Day 1

Right smackdab in the middle of two weight loss challenges, which I started strong, I find myself 2 pounds away from what looks like a reset! Seriously?!!


I know that the habits that keep me from good things, better things, healthy things, is the stinking emotional connection that I have with food.

I know that I ate entire bars of chocolate, not once, not TWICE, but 3 times last week.


I was most likely feeling sorry for myself that I want so badly to have a companion, that anything that is an indulgence would be my "vday present to myself"

Nope. Bad idea. Backfired.

Now I have gained 6 pounds in one week. really?? yes, really. sigh...

Treating myself with kindness is not obliterating my path to success with backwards-walking, or overeating, or allowing my emotions to take center stage.

Look, I view the role of food in my life similarly to Michael Pollan.

Eat food
mostly plants

The problem is eating too much of the non-food: candy, cookies, etc.. and ignoring the boundaries that deepen the intimate relationship with myself.

If I really loved me, if I really  valued being able to bend over or squat down to tie my shoes, paint my toes or touch the floor, I would treat myself with respect. youwould seriously believe that I do not like myself, by the way I abuse my digestive system.

My health is all over the place.

It sucks. I know how I feel, but I am getting in my own way.


If I am going to have that Elsa/ Anna kind of live for myself, than I had better get my act together, I will not be deprived, I will not miss out. if I can just inch forward without falling backwards down the stairs, which is what has happened in the last 7 days, then I will be amazed at what I am capable of.

Am I really that afraid of change? I aspire to be more like Rachel Fisher. She has lost more than 20 lbs. with all kinds of things that could hold her back. She is a winner! I want to be a winner!

:) I am sick and tired of losing battles, instead of fat! See what I did there?

I deserve more. Doi really want my future to look like my present??

Ughhh, no!

I am miserable in this heavy body. I know there is muscle hibernating underneath the layers of shame, disappointment and frustration. I know that I want my body to align with my mind! People see me and must e so confused, because I talk a healthy game, and look like a now...let's not resort to name-calling.

The obesity of my form does not match the fitness of my mind. I have convinced everyone but myself that I am a healthy-minded person.

sigh... I just need to get the hell out of my own way, so that I actually can be!

God made me for so much more...

Day 1.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Processing out loud

I did it, guys! I did the impossible, twice! This girl got out of bed at 4 in the morning and worked out!
I would like to give a shout out to the God who created the earth, and makes the weather. He gave us some unseasonably warm mornings, that aided my ability to ignore the early time and just get the heck out of bed, and get my butt downstairs.

Potty stop...
   change into clothes...
        pick a DVD
           turn on the light

Get Moving!


So simple. :) haha I do start to feel sleepy a bit earlier in the day, though... Yaaawwwnnn...

I have not done it two days in a row, but Monday and Wednesday morning seemed to work well. Sigh...

Progress, but of the slowest kind. It took a few years to get this big, so I suppose it will take a few to get un-big.

This little voice of fear wimpers, "Geez, I hope I don't have to be skinny before some poor schmuck falls in love with me." Then I remember something noone told me, but that I have seen time and time again: Love knows no size. :) haha. I usually ignore that voice: fearofloneliness and hope in the aforementioned weather God/lover of my soul/ Lord of all creation and trust that I will be taken care of, that my heart will be full, no matter who chooses to love me. He loves me; isn't that enough?

Where does that little voice come from? Why do I crave companionship beyond the occasional friend date?

Really, logically speaking, I am a social being who likes to do things that are fun, and sending out mass message to the collective, searching for a friend is exhausting! It would be so great to just have a go-to friend who will do fun things with me. Of course I don't want to stop there in my desire for a "do-stuff buddy" I have seen marriages fail, because that was why they joined souls.

I desire an other to make history with.

I have best friends, or rather, a small group of people who live inside of my heart in the most intimate way, but not one of them (aside from my brother) lives close by. It is honestly quite difficult to function some days....meaning to say that I  am ridiculously in need of a real partner in crime! My aunt is down for some things, and I have fun with her, but man, I long for an all around life partner, you know?

I mean, life was good between 2011 and 2013 and then it changed, but by then I was getting used to having close friends nearby. Life just keeps changing and yet my desire for companionship has never wavered. IT is my flag in the night, my steady rock, my got-to heart passion. Be intimate with me, as a human being. Love me as a human being. Hug me, kiss me, hold my hand, talk to me, listen to me, pray with me, be my friend, the best there is. Craving fr human connection. Yeah, it is strong some days-the desire for more that I can see and touch.

 Processing out loud.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Take Aways from Nicole Antoinette

The Life Less Bullshit Manifesto

Stop freaking out. Things are always worse in your head than they are in real life. Everything is going to be okay. No really, it is. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. This is your life, start living it.
Be more you.

Find what inspires you, and mainline it. Find what moves you, and move. Find what keeps you up all night, and stay up all night. Get worked into the frenzy of being who you really are.
Decide what’s of ultimate importance, and ignore everything else. Only do work that you believe is great work. If you feel lost, join something bigger than yourself. Appreciate being a part of something, instead of stressing to be all of anything.

When you don’t know where to start, just start. If you don’t know where the beginning is, start in the middle, or start at the end. Just start, and keep going. Take the biggest risk you can think of. Take another. And another. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough time, or enough money. What’s “enough,” anyway? Forget about the big picture and let yourself wander aimlessly among the details. You don’t need a plan or a treasure map or a neon street sign, and you certainly don’t need to be the best. All you need to do is start, and then make one good decision after another. Being the best never comes right away.

Pay attention to the moments in which you feel pure joy. Express gratitude, out loud and often. Stop checking your email in bed; there are better ways to start the day. Read memoirs. Read fiction. Read poetry. Never stop reading. Go outside, even in bad weather. Buy yourself a present, even without an occasion. Wear pink shoes, even if they don’t match. You never need a reason to do what you truly feel like doing.

Stretch your mind, and your body, and your soul. Move and bend and jump and push; be faster and stronger and healthier than you were yesterday. Pursue growth. Listen to all the reasons you shouldn’t go, and then go anyway. Let yourself fall into the hole – there’s always a way out. Let other people help you out.

Choose a personal anthem and give yourself a lapdance. Make up words, and use them. Identify what you need to say, and say it. Be loud about the things that matter.

Set healthy boundaries. Work with people you respect. Value your time and your work and your creative energy. Put a price on what you create, and charge it. Show up more often. Ask interesting questions. Share more than you’re comfortable sharing. Write down your core beliefs and read them every day.

Find your people, the ones who make you feel good and beautiful and whole. Treat them like they matter, because they do. Treat yourself like you matter, because you do. Don’t be afraid to let people see that you are messy and flawed. We’re all messy and flawed.

Stop wanting what you don’t want. Define life for yourself. Decide what it means to you to be happy and dedicated and alive. Live by your own definitions. Pick something to perfect, and perfect it. Pick something to stop caring about, and refuse to give a shit. Don’t waste your energy on things just because other people do. Spend less time obsessing and more time actually doing. Forget about yesterday. Stop over-planning for tomorrow. Yesterday and tomorrow are just romanticized versions of today.

Choose today.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Onomatopoeia In My Soul

The calls come in throughout the day, some funny, some confusing, others banal.
...and then

...there are...

a special group of calls that come in 2-3 times a week, or more, if I am especially being targeted by the ENEMY OF MY SOUL!


These are the people who call and are unredemptively snarky, full of venom and pent-up anger. These are the non-darlings that spit hot fire, and I don't mean the rapping kind. These jerks are the humans who have been wronged in other areas of their lives and choose me as a target of all that has ever created pain in their hearts.

These are the callers that were the topic of a short conversation I had last night with some friends.
I was explaining that I start out calm, with the intention to stay calm, no matter what the person says, and then I slowly start melting into a pile of lava...

and then, as I attempt to interject myself into the monologue, my insides shake and I just want to be " not on the phone."

"It just stays with me."

" It stays with you, huh?"

"yeah, it gets lodged in my emotional being."

" Like a THUNK in your soul?"

"Like a thunk in my soul..."

It only takes a combination of weariness and the meanness of another broken human being to bring dark clouds into my heart. Even though my mind logically dismisses the ridiculousness of others' coping mechanisms for life, something holds on to the manipulating, the straight up nasty behavior of people who create drama to bring some sort of false meaning to their own lives.

It emotionally drains and strains me.

I don't like it.

That is all.

Monday, January 18, 2016

"Here I am, it's 4 O'clock in the morning..."

 So, one thing that does not work for me, no matter how many times I want it to, is...
getting up at 4 in the morning to work out.

I can... get up at 4 in the morning to go to the airport.
I can... get up at 4 in the morning to go on a road trip.
I can...get up at 5 in the morning to get to work on time.

For some reason, I cannot get up at 4 in the morning to workout, ESPECIALLY in the winter time.

As I drove to work this morning, I am pretty sure I figured out that the reason why I reset the alarm and crawl back under the covers is...because it is so cold.
...because it is so early

...because I slept terribly.

... because I forget about the resolve I had when I was laying down the night before, in a recently warmed room.

Ultimately, the reason is that the stakes are not high enough.

I HATE rushing in the morning and being late to work, so I will get up when I need to, to beat my mom into the shower, so that I can be ready on time.

I can't bear the thought of being late to the airport. Who wants to miss a plane?

But getting up out of my warm squishy bed whilst it is both dark AND cold outside, and therefore dark and chilly in my room, is just a big no-no. I know that I can workout at other times during the week.

 This year, I am focusing on food. I know that my battle in the kitchen is the battle I have to win, if I am going to see my health change dramatically.
I am working on creating new habits around my relationship to food, to crowd out the old ones. I want to have a Michael Pollan relationship to food. I want to appreciate its value in my social culture. I want to to value its place amongst the priorities in my life that are near the top of the list. Good food is good!  I want to nourish my body, mind and soul with it.

I want to stop giving so much value to the stuff of food-like substances.I want to stop letting my tongue always speak before the deeper reality of real taste. Food scientists are tricky and very good at their jobs, but the more I lean into the sustainable work of Farmers, and REAL food-producers, the more I hope to see less of the other stuff cross my lips.

There is some value in certain processed products, but when it comes down to it, I am privileged enough to forego the manufactured stuff, for more of the real stuff.

So, I am going to stop pretending that I can force myself to get up at 4 in the morning, and I am going to channel that energy, instead into meal prep.

Meal prep.

**Mic Drop**

Thursday, August 27, 2015

?? and also ?? Well, I say, "Fight for the more!"

As an never-dated single 36 year-old woman, I am consistently reminded of the beautiful Christ-centered life I have been groomed for ( whether I succeed at living it out everyday, or not)I have been taught my worth!
My flesh kicks in sometimes. It says, " Yeah!! Boys!! Let's make out and get all lusty! Grope, grope, SEX! haha. But my brain returns to my heart and I am reminded of both the things I don't want and the things I want more than the aforementioned things!

When I get a compliment from a half-decent looking man, my logic turns down, and all I see are lips for kissing and arms for hugging and legs for cuddling, and and, well, you know, ahem... ... haha. Then, I take a step back and engage in a little self-talk!

Girrrl, don't be crazy!
   He smokes pot? ugh, no.
        he is way too preoccupied with Boobs and butts and, eww...
  I appreciate his honesty, but, uh...really??
  Why is his grammar so bad?
    He is NOTHING like the man I need, deserve or really even want.

He is to me as I am to him: ( pardon my vulgarity) A piece of ass.

I have to have more! I want more. I was made for more! So, I will hold out until the cows come home, if that's what it takes to guard my precious somethings. I will NOT give my heart or body away to " some dude," and any man who just woos me to get in my pants, is just SOME DUDE.

My life was bought with a price and is daily preserved, sustained and (ideally) transformed by that sacrifice. So, I will wait and wait wait, and live and love and breathe... and bask in the glory of my precious worth.
I will stay sane when all the world has gone bat sh*t crazy. Seriously! Life really is more than just the momentary pleasure of an orgasm....(or even the hope of one-HA)


Aim higher, people. You were definitely made for much more than what this world has to offer! Fight for the more!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Buds on Flowers

These clouds in my eyes... I want to paint them 

I want to swirl the brush and make them fluffy white. expectant 

Spring is surely in the air!

                          the birds 

                          the trees 

                          the buds on flowers that inch upward from the ground with life. expectant

The whole of my existence contained in this moment

This moment full of the promise of future joy, the hope of love. 

In this present experience, I am believing, for all that is true and real.

In my bosom lies the waiting birth of dreams and desires manifested in 




  Therefore, I am.... the clouds 
                             the birds 
                             the trees 
                             the buds on flowers inching upward from the ground. 

   I am spring.
   I am expectant 
   I am life.